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Professional team of international logistics

We at the TRI Group have built a logistics system that enables us to accurately respond to customer needs using the expertise and high technological skills we have gained over the years.
The TRI Group is a professional team that offers a full range of logistics-related services from consulting to startup, development, coordination, and operations.

Greeting from Our CEO

Yuji Kikuchi

CEO message

The Japanese word for logistics, butsuryu, is written with two characters, meaning “things” and “flow.”
But if people are not closely connected, it is impossible for things to flow.

Since our foundation in 1985, the TRI Group has been making full use of our mental and physical abilities, always trying to engage wholeheartedly with customers and contractors as we do business.
With the international logistics business, export and import services, packaging services, warehouse business, and machine tools-related businesses as the pillars of our operations, we are devoted to being a good logistics coordinator that can always be of service to our customers.

Logistics begins and ends with people.
That is our way of thinking.

With your continuous guidance and support, all the members of the TRI Group will work hard to be of service to you.
We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Our Attitude

Dynamic and Efficient
Total coordination and operations of export/import-related services
Speedy and Reliable
Building a strong network of experts of export/import-related services
Active and Global
Aggressively pursuing the forefront of international logistics
Powerful and Flexible
Tackling future challenges with all our strength

Our Worldwide Locations

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